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Author: Sabrina Jung Todt Angelo

Original Language:  Brazilian Portuguese

The author do not practice the changes to the 1990/2009 Orthographic Agreement

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Sabrina A.

Yes! Traveling with dogs!

Yes! Traveling with dogs! I

Welcome to the first Post in the Yes! Traveling with dogs! with Sun with Style.

My name is Sabrina, I’m 36 years old, married and I have 4 dogs (2 Yorkshires – 11 and 14 years old; 1 13-year-old medium-sized mutt; and 1 2-year-old Husky).

My Husband and I love to travel and enjoy our trips to the fullest when we can have our whole family together. What for many is seemingly impossible and stressful, we can say is actually fun. Of course 4 dogs with completely different personalities and predominant characteristics of each breed require planning on each trip, as well as basic care, attention and space. If the travel environment doesn’t seem to hold a pet, imagine 4!

Renato & Sabrina

This column is dedicated to you who, like us, are enthusiastic, like to travel, like to learn and have new experience with their “four-legged” family. After all, our dogs devote their lives in teaching us the meaning of unconditional love and the least we should do is repay them by including them in as many pleasurable activities as possible.

Yes! Traveling with dogs is possible and fun is guaranteed once the environment, and your travel companion’s needs are RESPECTED.

In this column you will find weekly tips on planning, food, accommodation, organization and other related topics such as differences between country legislation, training, documentation, etc.

We look forward to exchanging experiences and sharing knowledge throughout our journey together.

These are my sincerest wishes,

Sabrina A.

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