Under the skies of Figueira – XI

Ana Valentina Angelo

Imagem promocional da administração do município para a campanha #fiqueemcasa
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My beautiful Figueira da Foz, the world is sad … it’s the virus!

I miss walking around the city. Meeting cheerful, carefree people on the way to work, the beach, famous cafes, historic sites, the marina or even admiring the Mondego. The evil that suppresses your citizens stalks the world, comes from afar and goes far, leaving its gloomy tracks. It is weird, strange, it devastates life, indifferent to the other lives that surround it.

From the windows (and only from the windows!) You can admire the sea, Praia da Claridade, the big clock tower, the moon, the stars in the infinite blue. The sea is calm. A seagull, oblivious to the fisherman’s absence, roams the sky as usual. The gardens are abundant and colorful, but the streets are empty. The ecosystem seems orderly and oblivious to events.
What a strange world today! I wish yesterday never ended. Ironically today, the weakness of mankind is to be alive. I miss walking in your sun, Figueira. I miss myself …

 At night, I crave the morning, hoping to wake up and realize that everything was a nightmare.
Ruas interditadas na Figueira
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Somewhere, melancholically, the poet sings the arrival of Spring in the northern hemisphere.


“It was March 2020. The streets were empty, the stores were closed, people could no longer go out. But Spring was not aware, and the flowers began to bloom, the sun shone, the birds sang, the swallows would not be long, the sky was blue and the morning was early.


It was March 2020. Young people were going to study online and find things to do at home. People could no longer go to shopping centers or go to the hairdresser.


Soon, there would be no more vacancies in hospitals, and people continued to fall ill. But Spring was not aware. It was time to take care of the gardens, the grass was greener and greener.


It was March 2020. People were put in confinement to protect grandparents, families and children. No more family meetings and meals.


The fear became real and the days were all the same. But Spring was not aware. The apple and cherry trees and all the other trees started to blossom and the leaves grew.


People started to read, to play with their families, to learn other languages. They sang on the balconies and invited neighbors to do the same. People learned a new language, to be supportive and focused on other values.


People realized the importance of health, of suffering, of this world that stood still, of the economy that had fallen. But Spring was not aware. Flowers gave way to fruits, birds made their nests, swallows arrived.


Then came the day of liberation. People heard on television: “the virus has lost!”. People went out into the streets, sang, cried, and the neighbors hugged each other, without masks or gloves.


And then Summer came because … Spring was not aware. It stayed there despite everything. Despite the virus, despite the fear, despite the death. Because Spring was not aware, but it taught people the Power of Life. ”¹

¹ Vella, Irene


Carnival in Figueira

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