Under the Skies of Figueira – X

Ana Valentina Angelo

Desfile do carnaval figueirense

It doesn’t even feel like winter!

The city is full, Figueira! The square in front Praia da Claridade practically ready. I walk along the sidewalk from Buarcos to the Torre do Relógio. Blue sky, sun, sand and beautiful people. It doesn’t even feel like winter.
I’m looking for Heitor. Yes, that same little dog. I cannot find him. Today he must have changed his schedule. Now I realize, the atmosphere is that of an expected and planned party.

With the arrival of the kings of the carnival until the last days of February, the party is one: Carnival. The main access road to Praia da Claridade and Buarcos, Avenida Brasil, is suitable and reserved for party people: railings, bleachers and a stage are prepared for the parades of the Samba Schools where the sambas-enredo are represented and interpreted.

Figueira chants and charms

But that is not all. The infrastructure aimed at serving visitors, tourist offices, commercial houses, are ready. Portuguese cuisine offers an incredible variety, aimed at figueirenses and visitors who often come from afar to enjoy the carnival of the Queen of Portugal’s beaches. Nothing more stimulating than carnival, beach…. beach, carnival!

The atmosphere in the city is festive. On Friday, schools for the little ones
also celebrate the date. In the squares or in the courtyards of educational establishments, a moment is reserved for the celebration. Thus, it is only joy: the child displays his fantasy to the sound mainly of “Mamãe eu quero mamar” (Carnival march from 1937), which, among others, is still widely sung in the Brazilian carnival parties, composed by Vicente Paiva and Jararaca, both also Brazilian and, believe me, recorded by Carmen Miranda, Portuguese-Brazilian, born in Marco de Canaveses, Porto District, Portugal, in 1909.

There are three Samba Schools that will perform this weekend at Praia da Claridade. The party promises! Figueira charms and sings the sambas-enredo of this carnival. It is important to remember that, in Portugal, only in four cities there are carnival competitions and Figueira da Foz is one of them.

http://litoralcentro-comunicacaoeimagem.pt/2020/02/08/apresentacao-dos-sambas-enredo-2020-carnaval-de-buarcos- figueira-da-foz/



Desfile do carnaval figueirense

Figueira, as they say: “Good tree, good fruits”

Figueira da Foz, I understand why you are so colorful; there is no shortage of talent in your little / big heart. The beautiful verses of the sonnet “Vida Vitoriosa”, by João de Barros, poet from Figueira, allow the reader to sip the author’s cadence and lyricism, as if it were the “elixir of the gods”. It is form, it is feeling, it is stimuli, it is beauty in a single dose.


Author: João de Barros – Poet from Figueira da Foz

It was a victorious life, to be sure,
The life I lived on this journey,

— Not from the victory you can see up close,
And what is achieved, only desired.

Not of the triumph that smiles, uncertain,
And then it’s smoke, and it’s dust, and it’s gray, and it’s nothing,
But I give another glory to my chest,
And only I see, pure and modest.

Because in silence I conquered, fighting,
How many times lost and miserable,
How many times overcoming your own pain

This joy of spending life
Being a force, that never doubts,
And a voice as clear as the voice of Love




Photos: Cornelius Kibelka – https://www.flickr.com/photos/j-cornelius/

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