Under the skies of Figueira VII

Ana Valentina Angelo

Figueira, you please all tastes!

One of the most complicated issues when traveling is really ensuring the quality of the food. The market does not always meet this demand, cares even less in adapting food to the visitor’s culture or about selling it at affordable prices. Whoever travels through the great European centers notices the difference of treatment offered here in Figueira da Foz, the Portuguese tradition promotes this behavior. The great navigations, conquests and commercial transactions allowed the Portuguese to absorb new customs and with them the different lifestyles. The cuisine accompanies this rhythm and therefore suits different tastes.

Fish, meat, pasta, snacks creatively prepared and presented to visitors in Portugal, more specifically in Figueira da Foz, become irresistible, both in terms of quality and price. What is the secret? Simplicity and creativity are part of the customs from the land of Camões. That way, existential issues are seen and resolved. Just take a peek at the history of these people who are currently considered the most welcoming in the world.

The Portuguese diet is rich and varied. Times change and so does infrastructure. The relationship of man with geographical, market conditions and religious values, which once imposed fasting and abstinence from meat, makes fish – highlighting cod – the appropriate product to meet the nutritional needs of the Portuguese people in times when consumption of meat and meat products are not viable.

In Figueira da Foz (more than in other regions) in addition to the comfort and natural beauty, there is the versatility of offering dishes to all different tastes and cultures, at an affordable price. A fact that makes the visitor’s stay more pleasant and causes an irresistible urge to stay here longer. The most daring, like me, end up staying permanently.

The vast majority of restaurants available to Figueirenses and special guests from Buarcos and São Julião are easily accessible, with dishes that please different tastes. When I want soup, cod, sardines or Brazilian picanha, my table is in the “right corner” of Rei da Picanha, right there in the mirrored room of the house, in front of Praia da Claridade. See photos of some dishes in the house.

Dish from the Rei da Picanha Restaurant
Dish from Rei da Picanha Restaurant

Juliano Amargo, Figueirense

Figueira, you delight – not just me – everyone who had the privilege of meeting you. Thus, who better than a figueirense with an artistic vein called Juliano Amargo, already consecrated in plastic arts, to sing the nuances of his native land.

Juliano has been living in Germany for twenty-five years and was in Figueira da Foz recently. He was interviewed by António Flórido, journalist at O ​​Palhetas at Foz Jornal Online, on September 29, 2019 and poetically exposes all his appreciation for the city in the work “Figueira da Foz”, privileging emotion without neglecting the poetic nature of the work, with enviable cadence and lyricism. In addition, Juliano masterfully seduces the reader as he lavishes resources such as: the bittersweet flavor that imputes in the verses “your smile is a wound” or “Flower in the beak of a seagull tired of flying”, the subtlety of the highlight in the keywords (Flor, Mar, Gaivota …) in “capital character” right in the middle of the sentence, and others. In this way, everything is feeling! In summary: we want more …

Figueira da Foz

Juliano Amargo

Your eyes burn with so much,

the dust, the stones, the rust
of the years that have passed you over
And you smile,
don’t know if you smile
if your smile is a wound,
a red flower
in the beak of a Seagull
tired of flying.
The trash can on the beach,
the days so short
cement and stones
in front of the sea

For a moment you breathe,
you look at the sun party
at Claridade beach
while the tower clock
shows the hours.
Figueira joins the river,
maternal wave and leaning
away in a sea
drowned futures.

Figueira da Foz
At the end of the afternoon,
let me bow my head
in the hills of Cabo Mondego

António Flórido / O Palhetas na Foz Jornal Online

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