Under the skies of Figueira VI

Ana Valentina Angelo

Queen of the Portuguese Beaches

Like verses from a sonnet, Alexandrian or not,
Fourteen are your affections, beautiful Figueira da Foz
Ferreira a Nova, Moinhos da Gândara and Alqueidão,
Alhadas (your oldest love) greet you with a voice

Majorca, Vila Verde, Tavarede and the historic Paião
Display habits, arts, traces of the predecessor
In the sand, Marinha das Ondas, Buarcos and São Julião
Bom Sucesso, Quiaios, Lavos sing the fisherman

Figueira, you are called the Queen of the Silver Coast
You have always been Queen of the Beaches of Portugal
Of the flowers you are the most beautiful, of the Celts the cream of the crop

Fourteen are your affections. God was happy when He made them!
How to choose your south or your north, if nothing is commonplace?
So, I say again: I am Figueirense, Brazilian-Portuguese!


Figueira, I will never eat rabbit ….

It’s Sunday, a crowded supermarket …. Two showcases of meat and meat products separated by a wooden shelf where I wait for someone. Mother and son (five or six years old) pass through the first showcase. The mother goes to the second and the boy stops and observes. A gutted bunny catch his eye. The child looks at me and the rabbit. I fail when I try to escape the child’s inquiring eyes. I can’t.

What is it? He asks me. It’s… it’s… a rabbit, I reply reticently, almost asking excuses. I still remember the disappointment / indignation on his face.

The mother calls him: Come, I’m going to buy meat. For a moment I think “I’m saved”. The little human looks at the bunny and yells at his mom: I don’t want to eat rabbit I want meat … and looking at me repeated with conviction: I will not eat rabbit!… in the hope of my collusion. I can’t resist and automatically say: Me neither! Oops … I just became an accomplice! What do I do now?

The little human turns to me and, pointing at the rabbit with sad eyes , he shouts, outraged, so that everyone could hear him: I don’t want to eat rabbit! See what they did to the poor thing! I will not eat rabbit! I want meat…

Praia de Leirosa - Foto: Vitor Oliveira
Praia de Leirosa – Foto: Vitor Oliveira

Getting to know Figueira da Foz

It’s January and it’s cold (11ºC). It snows in the Serra da Estrela, northern Portugal. You, Figueira, are quiet and embrace your special guests – the so-called tourists – with your charms. There is no cold that will keep those who know you from enjoying your scenery, right? There is always something to do in Figueira da Foz!

We take advantage of this peace and depart from the Clock Tower at Praia da Claridade, cross the Edgar Cardoso bridge over the immense Mondego and we are already in São Pedro, towards the beach of Cova-Gala. The 6 km journey took 12 min. No bathing … too cold water, but the beauty is unmatched.

The tour does not end there because in 13 min we travel another 12 km on the N109 highway and we arrive at the Costa de Lavos beach. Then we travel another 12 km for 13 min by the same N109 and arrive at Leirosa beach in Marinhas das Ondas.

Each location has its stories from a distant past, with specific facts that are worth learning. What does not change is Portuguese cuisine; wherever you go seasonal dishes are available. Today, what more can we wish for besides a hot Portuguese soup and a roadtrip?

Portuguese Potato and Kale soup
Portuguese Potato and Kale soup

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