Under the skies of Figueira – V

I walked through other lands. I traveled through beautiful places ….. but I’ve missed you, Figueira!

City Coat of Arms
Mosaic – Figueira da Foz Coat of Arms/PT

Figueira you are sigular!

You are Mondego, you are Claridade, you are the sea

You’re a melody that sings and enchants me

You’re the hug that calms me

You are fragrance, you are magic, you are moonlight

Impossible not to love you!

Mosaic – Panoramic View Figueira da Foz

I leave Claridade beach towards the train station. In minutes I’ll be at Marinha das Ondas, Parish of Figueira da Foz. I cross the bridge and – I can’t resist – slowing down my car, and from the top I get drunk on the image caused by the harmonic and unique choreography from the sea entering the freshwater from the Mondego river , a phenomenon that promotes the marine. Numerous of them … which with their walkways form a huge checkered mesh of compartments where water is collected and processed for the salt production.

Shortly beyond are the houses, the warehouses and the Salt Museum Center, which is the starting point for the Marine Trail Route, promoted by Figueira da Foz City Council and guided by staff specialized in guiding the participants throughout the specificities of the theme.

One more surprise that you, Figueira, offers to your visitors.




Blue sky, twelve degrees. At ten o’clock in the morning a loner walks on the Praia da Claridade’s sand. Would he be a local? A visitor? What matters is … that the waves are there and the sun colors beautifully its foams ….

The loner
The Loner

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