Under the skies of Figueira – II

Ana Valentina Angelo

Sweetness and happiness

I walk on the boardwalk of Praia da Claridade. Immense! Look, Hector appears, runs all over the place, happy. He is small, affable… he is no gentleman, he is a happy commoner. His master loosens the line and effusive Hector greets me as if we had not seen each other yesterday, at the same time and in the usual place.

Comfort, safety and tranquility

Today I change course. I don’t even cross av. March 25 towards the
beach of Clarity Beach; on the same sidewalk, I turn the first corner and I’m heading towards Abadias park. A man goes in the same direction in front of me. On the slope there is a children’s sweater on the floor. The man notices it; collects the piece and folds it quickly. Approaching the wall, he accommodates the coat so that it remains hanging and continues his path. For sure whoever lost itl return looking for it, and will end up finding what belongs to them. How wonderful it is, Figueira, to have each other’s back!

Visitors, tourists? … no, special guests!

They are very tired as they arrive. They have been traveling for days from northern Europe to Figueira da Foz and, amazingly, by bicycle! The reservations are already made. All they need is a good hot bath and rest. They open the door and a beautiful orchid welcomes them. Two glasses and a Portuguese wine invite them in. A hammock looms on the porch… and the sea outside awaits them. This is Figueira da Foz.

Why Figueira da Foz?

Again I am surprised to admire the intricacies of Foz do Mondego. Where was the leafy tree that gave it its name? “I’m going to ‘Figueira da Foz do Mondego’”, said the boatman who brought wood and brought salt and fish. Time took the boatman, and with sadness the leafy tree withered. Moved, the Atlantic sent the wind that scattered seeds and… more seeds from the leafy tree, and you, Vila de Figueira da Foz, grew… grew, and on September 20th, 1882, you became the beautiful City of Figueira da Foz, which I dearly love

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