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Traveling trough Portugal in the winter

Yes! Traveling with dogs! VIII

Traveling with our pets in different seasons can be challenging. Today we will present some recommendations and tips so that your trip can be pleasant and safe for everyone when coming to Portugal.

To  be prepared for each situation, we will point out the dangers that can be faced in each season in different places of our magnificent country. After all in Portugal we can find beaches, mountains, heat, cold and snow.

Traveling through Portugal in the winter can be an unforgettable adventure

So let’s start with the season we are currently in, winter.

Its beginning date is on the 21st of December enduring until the 20th of March. The days get shorter and the night longer, the temperature slowly drops. In the south it can vary from 8 to 14 ° C and in the north the temperature can be negative.

During this period the rains are periodic and can be constant and for consecutive days. The humidity and winds make Portugal’s winter cold despite the reasonably high temperature.

Winter in the north of Portugal

Due to the high temperatures, the Portuguese winter can be tricky, but don’t be fooled, the consequences of the thermal shock are the same. Below are some tips on how to protect your dear four-legged companion from our winter:


Like humans, animals, despite having a good amount of fur to protect themselves from temperature, seek shelter to soften the difference between body and environmental temperature by stabilizing homeostasis. Therefore, if you leave it outside, provide shelter to protect it from the coldest temperatures.


Walks need to happen, but the frequency to be reduced and its  duration should be shorter.

Shearing, clothing and blankets

Shearing must be avoided, as fur is a natural protection against very low temperatures. Clothes are always good for providing extra heating, beds and blankets are basic and necessary requirements at this time of year.

Heat sources

Heat sources are also always welcome, you just need to be a little careful so your friend doesn’t get burned when trying to warm up.

Elderly or sick animals

Animals with a weakened immune system are prone at that time to colds and flu, so attention should be doubled so that we can prevent worsening of pre-existing diseases.


As already mentioned in previous posts, your pet’s vaccination must always be up to date. Prevention is always the best medicine.

Traveling through Portugal in the spring is a unique gift

Spring begins on March 20th and extends until June 21st, flowering awakens an odd joy is in every passerby.

The temperature fluctuates between 10 and 20 ° C, the days stretch and nature blooms reflecting life.

In such a glorious season, care for your dog needs to be maintained. Here are some precautions to be taken during this period:

External and internal parasites

Fleas and ticks proliferate at this time. So it is important to check your travel companion and keep the environment always clean so that they do not multiply exponentially.

Outdoor walks are important and must be maintained. The internal parasitic control must occur normally, that is, the deworming must be kept up to date.


Is there anything better than going for a walk at Praia da Claridade in Figueira da Foz with your dog in the middle of spring?

Attention to your pet’s weight as well as hydration should be on the agenda. The type of food and the amount of water are important for your pet’s health.

Shears and bath

Whenever possible, check your pet’s fur and brush it. The maintenance of their fur prevents diseases of dermatological origin and parasites.

Traveling through Portugal in the summer is just leisure

Shears and bath

Keeping your pet clean prevents disease. Hairs are a way to keep your pet isolated from extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures. A shearing and frequent bathing is advisable, but without exaggeration!

Avoid hot and stuffy places

Leaving your pet in closed and stuffy places can cause serious problems and even death. Therefore, always keep it in an ventilated place, preferably with tiled floors or even grass.

Figueira da Foz in summer is very popular and not least, the beaches are very inviting and beautiful!

Starting on June 21st and ending on September 21st, summer in Portugal invites everyone to vacation. High temperatures, sun, sand and sea it’s a perfect combination.

And like us our dogs also need some care when exposed to the sun, below are some tips:

Walks have to have time

Walking with your pet during the hottest times of the day should be avoided, so as not to cause lesions on the paws or on the skin of your friend. Prefer times before 10 am and after 4 pm.

Water at will and abundantly

Leaving water at their disposal is the best solution, so they will always stay hydrated.

Attention to internal and external parasites

As mentioned in the spring with the increase in temperature, external parasites proliferate more easily. Good deworming and control of the environment and fur, prevents diseases.

Traveling through Portugal in the Autumn means having the sun and warm temperature

Figueira da Foz in the fall is very special. The perfect combination of temperature, natural beauty and sun.

Starting on September 22nd and ending on December 21st, autumn invites couples and adventurers to a romance with nature.

So, for this long awaited season we have some tips:

³– Protect pets with warm clothing and clothes, especially animals with short hair;

– Give greater attention to elderly animals, more susceptible to chronic diseases at that time;

– Guarantee pets a warm and cozy place, with dry and clean blankets, placed on the bed where they sleep;

– Keep the place where pets sleep, dry and clean, to avoid the accumulation of dust and mites;

– Provide pets with fresh and clean water, at will, to keep them hydrated; – Keep pets well nourished, with quality feed, provided in daily portions, depending on the weight of the animals;

– Ensure that the place where pets sleep is free from strong winds and rain.

Traveling around Portugal is a delight and when there is the possibility of traveling with your furry companion, the adventure is complete!

So let’s get ready, 2021 will be spectacular.

See you next time!