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Time to pack II

Yes! Traveling with dogs! VI

Welcome to the 6th post of Yes! Traveling with dogs! from Sun with Style. Today I am going to continue talking about things to pack while traveling with your dog. As I mention at the Time to pack post I think that a First aid kit and Cleaning products are also important when you are heading to your destination.

When traveling it may be somehow challenging to find appropriate medical accessing, depending where you are. So it makes totally sense to have with you some basic medical supplies in case of an emergency. This way you can manage properly a minor health problem till you find a decent place to take care of you or your loved one.

Saying that, makes you maybe wonder what kind of things should you have with you. There are a lot of products, or – even better – kits, being sold on the internet and they have different specifications, accordingly to a DIN normative.

Time to pack your First Aid Kit

When searching you should focus in getting a Kit with the most items from the list below:

  • first aid quick reference card;
  • disposable latex-free exam gloves;
  • adhesive plasters in assorted sizes;
  • hydro-colloid blister plasters;
  • gauze;
  • adhesive first aid tape;
  • elasticated bandage wrap for sprains and strains;
  • steri-strips;
  • cotton swab;
  • antiseptic and antibacterial (to prevent infection) such as iodine or alcohol based preparations;
  • saline sachets to wash out wounds;
  • aloe Vera gel for treatment of minor burns;
  • topical corticosteroids for symptomatic relief of bites, stings and other skin irritations;
  • thermometer;
  • tweezers*;
  • scissors*;
  • if undertaking remote or high risk travel then consider taking sterile equipment such as: lancets, assorted syringes, needles, IV Cannula, dental needle* ;

*Note all sharp items should be carried in checked baggage to avoid being confiscated by airport or airline security if packed in carry-on bags.


Okay, most of you are thinking what the heck is she thinking? Let me explain that I have medical training and the last described things on the list are not a must have, it is only a suggestion if you had, of course, such training or if you are comfortable to have it with you in case someone around that have the knowledge can use it in case of an accident.

This are things that make a difference for a human being, but what should I have for my dog?

First aid kit for your dog

Basically all the things above and:

  • Tick tweezers;
  • Flashlight;
  • Dog Elizabethan collar;
  • muzzle;
  • Hydrogen Peroxide;

If you aren’t sure what to do with all of the stuff above in case of an emergency with your dog, there are some books about it like: The Safe Dog Handbook or Pet first Aid.

Now that everything is packed to keep your family safe in case of an emergency and you know where to find the information needed to perform the assistance, it is time to move on to the next topic of this post.

Cleaning products

Having 4 dogs and keeping everything clean while traveling may seem impossible but it isn’t. As I mentioned before my dogs have different age and special needs. The mix for instance can’t control her bladder as she used to and is always carsick in the first day of our journeys. The little blind Yorkshire can’t recognize where she should pee or poop when we travel because the place smells different. As anyone who is traveling I avoid situations where I have to clean, after all I am on vacation. But sometimes with elderly dogs you don’t have much of a choice, so I have different cleaning products with me.

Diapers and dog pads

To avoid the cleaning situations we found a very practical and environment friendly solution. They use diapers, not plastic ones, washable one. So if one gets dirty I change it and wash it later.

The dog pads are used as well, they don’t use it as a toilet. We use them to cover their beds, in case the diaper leaks so their bed stays clean and dry. Waterproof beds are also recommendable if you have a dog with incontinence, but they are pricey.

BactoDes e Bactador

These two products are used for cleaning veterinarian offices here in Germany. They clean and remove odor from different types of material without damaging them. They are really good!

Cleaning wipes and paper towels

Those thing are so helpful. In case the dogs feels sick or something else you can always clean it. Spray the products mentioned above, let them work and then dry with paper towels.

So that was it for today. I hope I have brought a little bit of insight for you while packing to your trip. See you next week!