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Time to pack

Yes! Traveling with dogs! V

Welcome to our 5th post of Yes! Traveling with dogs! from Sun with style. Today I’m going give some tips when the time to pack arrives. After all it isn’t just you that need specific things while traveling your dog does too. And it comes back to the very two important conditions we already talk about in previous posts.

Without delay, let’s jump into it so you can start to pack!

Traveling through Europe with 4 dogs

Okay, so you know already I have 4 dogs and they have different sizes, age and needs. We love to travel with them and we have learned through the time we live together, their reactions in different situations. This is why we avoid to travel with them by plane.

I’m sure that before you found this blog you have looked into others too, and most of them are going to tell you that you have to analyze if you should travel with your dogs. They aren’t wrong, just the opposite! When traveling with someone you usually know how they interact with the world, they know how society works, what are the boundaries and they know how to control themselves in different situations. Your four legged companion sometimes doesn’t. They get scared, anxious, they feel sick and they don’t talk. So it may be difficult to know what is going on. Even when you spend a lot of time with them, like myself, you get caught in situations that only your training can help you.

When hell breaks lose

Well, we avoid planes because our mix-breed hates it. She is a 25Kg medium size dog, almost 13 years old, docile, very protective of he pack and hates to be in a strange environment without us or some pack member. That is right, she needs leadership 24/7. So when she doesn’t has it, hell breaks lose.

We found that out while moving from Brazil to Germany. She had to travel in the cargo hold in a crate that she was already used to, no medication (vet orders) in a 12 hour flight. We were concern about it and that is why we traveled from Germany to Brazil spend time with her to be sure she was ready, by repeating training etc. It didn’t matter much. As soon as we left her with the flight company, she started being uncomfortable. Anyway, in the end, she came safe and sound to us, most of the interior of the crate was damaged, but as she realized that we were there to pick her up, her “bad” behavior stopped immediately.

Yorkshires being Yorkshires

The Yorkshires Terrier didn’t bother at all while traveling by plane. People may say it is because they were with us in the cabin, but we don’t believe in it. They don’t like to be surrounded by noise and too many people. The oldest one is 14 years old and blind, so noise can make her agitated and confused, she starts barking non stop, but in the plane she just… slept. The youngest one is 8 years old and he doesn’t care if the world is falling apart, so for him traveling by plane is better than walking long distances with his bigger brother and sister (Mix and Husky).

As I said, we love to travel, and even with 4 dogs it is manageable if you have the training and organization. If you don’t, maybe its is best if your four-paws companion stays with someone while you’re out. But if you are up for it, here are some things that we take with us while traveling through Europe.

Time to pack for four dogs

As I mentioned early, our 4 dogs have different needs, but the essentials are the same for all of them.

Zeit für vier Hunde zu packen

List of essentiais:

  • Beds and Blankets
  • Harness and collar with ID Tag
  • Leashes
  • Crate, Dog carrier and Dog trunk cover
  • Poop Bags
  • Dog food
  • Treats
  • Fresh water
  • Food and water bowls
  • Water bottle for traveling
  • Brush and nail clippers
  • Towels
  • Toys
  • First aid Kit
  • Cleaning products
  • Paperwork

Beds and Blankets:

If you are staying in different places with your dog it is nice to have something to provide comfort for them. This comfort is not only for their body but also for their mind. It helps them to get used to their new environment by providing them their home smell.

We don’t allow our dogs to climb in sofas and beds, so we travel with their beds and blankets. Besides, most of the rental hosts ask dog owners to keep their dogs out of their beds and sofas. And I can relate to that, cleaning the sheets, blankets and other textile from dog hair isn’t that simple.

I never thought about that because my dogs didn’t shed as much and as I mentioned they are not allowed to lay on it, but then… we rescued a husky. The previous owner did let him on sofas and beds and the first thing he did at home was laying on it. OMG! Removing the hair from the fibers of the textile on the sofa is a nightmare! So out of respect for the hosts of the places we stay at, they have their own beds ready for them.

Betten und Decken

Harness and collars with ID Tags:

Geshirr und Halsband mit Identification

We travel with both. At first they had only the collar with the ID Tags, since they don’t push or pull us while walking, it was enough. With time we learned through our recent buddy, the Husky, both combined are better.

All our dogs have microchips, but the collar with the ID tag is visible to a finder, and he can contact you immediately.

We decided to combine the collar + the harness, because it is safer for them. As I mentioned, we didn’t need this at first, but our newest member of the family is being trained, and he can get loose with just one device. We read and heard in Cesar Millan’s training videos about a training collar that he developed to improve training while walking his dog. The system I made at home is based on it.

The collar and the harness are bonded by a double ended leash, so if he escapes from one (harness or collar) the other is still in place. It is more like a safety system than a training one.

The Yorkshires have also both but only the harness is attached to the leash when we walk.


We have many types of leashes at home, excluding the flex-line leash. Each one has it’s purpose but while traveling we pack a short one and a long double ended one for the big dogs, and for the little one a simple leash is just fine.

Einfache Leine
Simple leash
Kurze Leine
Short leash
Lange Doppelendstück Leine
Double ended long leash

Crates, Dog carriers and Dog trunk cover

We travel with a Volvo V70, it is a wagon, and most of the car’s space is used just for us and the dogs. We chose this car because of the space, its comfort and most of all its safety. For our suitcases, backpacks etc. we bought a roof trunk.

Traveling through Europe by car with animals isn’t tricky. Most of the countries recognize a pet as normal cargo, so it must be transported like one – but do check for special requirements of the country you’re heading to. You have to comply to each country’s regulation.

There are three ways that we could travel with our dogs in our car according to those safety laws, you can also see more information on the previous post Planning your trip and Planning your trip abroad.

1st way to travel with your dog by car through Europe

The first way should be to have a crate for big dogs that is big enough for them and fits in the trunk of your wagon. Your dog is going to be confined with enough space to stand up or lay down, wouldn’t be able to jump to the front seat while you are driving and if an accident happens he would be protected inside the crate.

We use a Dog carrier for the little ones. Big enough for them both and bed and it can be fastened by the backseat’s seat belts.

2nd way to travel with your dog by car through Europe

We have crates but we prefer to have them confined in the space of the wagon’s trunk. For it, we use a dog trunk cover, because of the shed, and we put the nets up, but you can buy a metal rail between the trunk and the backseat too. This way the trunk becomes the crate. The big dogs can travel together and have more space to sleep together during the trip.

3nd way to travel with your dog by car through Europe

The third way would be to put a bed, cover or a dog seat on the backseat of your car, fasten your dog to it. This way you ensure that it is not going to jump to the front seat. It is also going to be safe in case of an accident, and isn’t going to provoke one by jumping on you while you drive.

Poop bags


It is common sense that people don’t like to step on dog poop on the street. So if you have a dog you should carry poop bags with you, if they poop you take it of the street and through it in a trash bin. Most cities in Europe will give you a ticket if you don’t do so.

Dog Food, treats and fresh water

Dogs thrive on routine, and keeping this routine while traveling may be challenging. We give them food on the same time every day, but when we are traveling they refuse to eat, but they drink more than usual. So when we travel, we usually take around 10L water in the car along with dog food and treats. The quantity will depend on how much they drink and eat.

Hundefutter, Leckereien und frisches Wasser

Food and water bowls

Futter- und Wassernäpfe

Some friendly accommodations are going to offer you those bowls, but we recommend to bring them along anyhow. If your problem is space you can by some collapsible bowls on the internet, they are a big help to save space.

Brush and Nail clippers

Depending on how long you are traveling, brush and nail clippers are the basics supplies for grooming.

We love to go to sandy beaches like Figueira da Foz. And when they walk and play on sand, we have it all over. So brushing is part of the process in keeping them clean.

Long nails for a dog is the synonym to pain. They have pain when the nails aren’t regularly cut, so make sure to have nail clipper on your bag when you are traveling for a long period.

Hundebürste und Krallenschere



Most of the places you are going to stay in don’t supply towels for your dog. So make sure to have them around in case of rainy days, lakes or even the beach.


Make sure to bring their toys, so they don’t get bored and begin to destroy their surroundings.

Bringing their toys is also very good for the acclimation.


First aid Kit and Cleaning products

Erste-Hilfe-Kasten und Reinigungsprodukte

When we travel we bring always a first aid kit for our dogs and another for ourselves. It is very important to be prepared in case of an accident.

Cleaning product are also very useful when traveling by car. I will talk more about them next week.


Well, I’m repeating myself from last post , but, make sure to have all the paperwork needed when traveling. Read more…


And here we are again at the end of another post of Yes! Traveling with dogs! Hope you enjoy it! See you next week!