During Summertime the beaches are filled with families with children, couples, and singles who want to enjoy the sun by the ocean at a beautiful place, with smooth white sand and the possibility to go into the sea for a swim or just to stay there and relax. Others that are a little more adventurous can enjoy the waves and surf.

Still unknown to many, Figueira da Foz is not only the widest European urban beach, but it’s also earning its status as a sunny, welcoming, and very affordable vacation destination. Did you know that Figueira da Foz is famous for its mile-long hand breaks?

  • Buarcos

This long (up to several hundred meters) high-quality right point breaks is mostly more of a carving wave, but there are some steep tubular sections. Actually, there are at least 3 point breaks that can connect with the right swell and form a really long wave.

The Buarcos wave is considered Europe’s longest right point break. This is one of Europe’s widest beaches with easy waves.

  • Cabedelo

The jetty generates fast hollow waves, the beach breaks too, but not as consistent. It only takes around 10 minutes by car to get to Buarcos from Cabedelo.

The city with its natural conditions invites you also to practice a lot of different water sports like bodyboard, kayak surf, paddle surf, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and sailing.

The beauty of the city encloses in itself the adrenaline of the waves of the sea and the tranquility of relaxing walks in the largest Portuguese river – the Mondego.

There are several schools of the different modalities, in which you can subscribe.

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