Ana Valentina Angelo

Queen of Portugal's beaches

Under the skies of Figueira VI

Hello, beautiful Figueira!

It’s great to be here watching the waves of the sea that come and go murmuring secrets to the stars and the moon. Were they confessions of love?

Buarcos Beach - Municipality of Figueira da Foz/ PT

Photo: Cesar Angelo

Praia da Claridade - Municipality of Figueira da Foz/PT

Photo: Cesar Angelo

Queen of Portugal's beaches

Ana Valentina Angelo

Like verses from a sonnet, Alexandrian or not,

Fourteen are your loves, beautiful Figueira da Foz

Ferreira a Nova, Moinhos da Gândara and Alqueidão,

Alhadas (your oldest love) greet you with a voice

Majorca, Vila Verde, Tavarede and the historic Paião

Exhibit, customs, arts, traces of the predecessor

In the sand, Marinha das Ondas, Buarcos and São Julião

Bom Sucesso, Quiaios, Lavos sing the fisherman

Figueira, you are called the Queen of the Silver

Coast You have always been Queen of the Beaches of Portugal

Of the flowers you are the most beautiful, of the Celts the purest cream

Fourteen are your loves. God was happy when he made them!

How to choose your south or north, if nothing is commonplace?

So, I say again: I am Figueirense, Brazilian-Portuguese!

Figueira da Foz Council and its parishes

Colage by Sabrina Angelo

To you who accompanies me in this column, until our next meeting.

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