Ana Valentina Angelo

Figueira my love

Under the Skies of Figueira I

Figueira da Foz, you delight, cradle  and calms me down. 

Is it a mirage?

From my window, I look at you, Figueira. Along the white and fine sand of Praia da Claridade, I can see small boats “lost” in the Atlantic sea. They are so serene … could they be real?

View of Praia de Buarcos - Photo: Cesar Angelo

Figueira my love, you are rest and tranquility

Quiet, ideal for rest, leisure and outdoor living within nature. With charming, captivating and welcoming people, to those who arrive. I couldn’t resist, I’m now a Brazilian-Portuguese. 

And what about the tourists?

Ah… breakfast! The packed bakeries smell of coffee with milk, hot chocolate and, who knows, even of a little wine… gathering tourists all around! They are Figueira da Foz’s special guests, who take the time to meet the local residents. It is tradition! In and outside Portugal news spoken in different languages, profiled through picturesque expressions while talking or simply gestures resulting in the fraternization of like-minded people.

Figueira my love, you are energy and pleasure

Today I dare to walk on the path from Praia de Buarcos (Buarcos Beach)  to Praia da Claridade (Claridade Beach)! The sea is quiet, the water cold… but the sun comes to rescue, irresistible. Children are delighted and a party atmosphere invades the city. Everything is very colorful, contrasting with the fabulous blue of the sea that meets the sky on the horizon. 

Living the history

Narrow streets, centuries-old buildings, they almost whisper in our ears the secrets of times gone by; the Historic Center of Figueira da Foz with its slopes that end in squares and alleys. A whipping pillory boasts its longevity on a metal plate. 

Messages in the square

I walk a little further finally arriving the city market square in São Julião. There I find leafy trees and wooden benches with beautiful engraved messages from Portuguese poets on their backs. Dozens of doves – quietly – walk side by side with passersby and, for my surprise: a simulated seagull accompanies them all on the march. I quickly take a snapshot of the moment, wanting more. 

All photos by Cesar Angelo

Author: Ana Valentina Angelo

Photos: Cesar Angelo

Original Language: Brazilian portuguese

Translation: Sabrina Jung Todt Angelo

The author does not practice the changes to the 1990/2009 Brazilian Orthographic Agreement

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